Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vintage Sheet Music for Decorating

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I love music.
  I love to listen to it.  I love to sing it.  I try to play it.  And I love to look at it.
I think that it is very pretty. 
 So, I decorate with it.

A wreath right in the center of a winter mantle.

Garlands draped through a pretty table.

I even like it with a summer mantle.

Different aged peices put together to make a beautiful look.

It's very pretty with ironstone.

Or with a chandelier and French chair.

Here it softens the tin backdrop and looks great with a bunch of chippy frames.

I even wrap soap in it.

These garlands looked awesome displayed in big glass vases.

They also look great just hung up, or wrapped around something.

I have a few other ideas I am working on.  I will share them when I finish them up.

What about you, Do you decorate with Vintage sheet music?


Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Hutch

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Every once in a while I feature an item that is for sale in one of our store locations. 
 This beautiful black hutch is available at

1215 18th Street between L & Capitol.
This hutch would make a perfect serving sideboard for the upcoming holidays.

It has two drawers to hold silverware and linens. Inside the doors below are handy shelves for dishes and stemware.

The details on this piece are beautiful. 
 The beveled mirros help reflect what is being displayed on the top as well as whatever room it is in.
So head on over to Scout to take a look.  There are many other great items in the store as well.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Time ~ Vintage Country Flea Market

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Yes, I am still alive.
We have been so busy these last few weeks after Remnants.

We did go to one show, The Vintage Country Flea Market , put on by these nice ladies.
Holly and Dolores of Gathering Better Junque.
This show was held in Willows, CA,  a charming little farm town right off of I-5.  We had a great time selling with other vendors from around the area.  We could not do it without our faithful customers who follow us from show to show to see what new treasures we might have. 
 I forgot my camera!  I know, terrible.  So, if you want to see pics, I recommend that you go here to see some.  They were taken by a sweet dealer friend that I met at another show this last spring. 
 Zizi from The Green Mum.

Here are a few items that sold.  (Pics were taken beforehand.)

Primitive type tray and No Trespassing sign.

French bed settee.
Beautiful grey screen cabinet.

Horse feeder trough shelf.

Primitive farm table bench.

Homemade soap.

Many other things found a good home.  It was a profitable day and we are looking forward to the next show in the spring.
Now, what has been keeping us so busy?
Hmmm.  That will have to wait for another post. 
But it is exciting!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My picks for The Versatile Blogger Award

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About a week ago, I was nominated by Three O'Clock Winds for
The Versatile Blogger Award.
I was suprised when Erica said that she was inspired by reading my blog.  Thank you so much!  I am happy when I can inspire someone with a new idea of how to decorate or how to redo a piece of furniture.

So here are the rules for what I need to do.


- Thank the person who gave you the award.

- Include a link to their blog.

- Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

- Nominate 15 bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly for the Versatile Blogger Award.

- Link to their blogs.

- Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Here is a list of 15 blogs that I read and follow for a variety of reasons.  These bloggers inspire me, encourage me,(thanks Mom and B & L), keep me in touch with their families, have great tutorials, let me know about other dealers, a few have cute little shops, and a few bring me the most traffic on my own blog.  Thanks so much ladies! 
These are not in any specific order.  I am am happy to see when any of them has posted.
(Wow, that's hard, only 15?)

O.K. Erica, seven things about myself.
  1. I have always lived in Northern California.
  2. I am a true bricoleur at heart.  Always trying to use things in different ways.
  3. I live in a house that is almost 100 years old.  (Built in 1915)
  4. I am afraid of snakes and mice.
  5. I have three sweet children, two girls and a boy and a wonderful husband.  I am the oldest of six.
  6. I want God's will for my life.
  7. Antiquing is in my blood, my parents are also dealers.
So there you have it!  You know a little bit more about me and you know some of my favorite blogs.
Thanks for reading!
Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gathering presents...a Vintage Show this Saturday

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We are happy to say that this Saturday we will be part of the
presented by the ladies at

                                    VINTAGE COUNTRY FLEA MARKET - FALL 2011

Saturday, October 22 · 8:00am - 4:00pm


Created By

More Info
The Gathering Girls Present..

We have invited 20 of the finest Vendor ~ Decorators to gather at Redwood Spring Garden. Come stroll through the Redwoods, have lunch by the Spring and enjoy treasure hunting at its best!

Early Buying 8 AM - 12 PM $5
12 PM - 4 PM Free Admission

This is a Rain or Shine event!

FROM SACRAMENTO - DIRECTIONS: 1 HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES Take I-5 North to the Second Willows EXIT. Turn left going over the freeway and continue on HWY 162 for about 3 minutes! You're there!

Take I-5 South to the First Willows EXIT. Turn right onto HWY 162
head straight for the hills for about 3 minutes! You're there!

Don't miss out...
Pumpkin Patch
Food & Fun
There will be plenty of Salvaged Gift, Garden & Home.
We hope to see you there.  This is the last of our "extra" shows for the season.  After this it is back to the regular schedule of,
On a diferent note, if you are not tired of photos of the Remnants of the Past show, then go see a few more on the Dusty Lu blog.  She even included one of our space!  The Atelier de Campagne blog graciously included one of our space also.
Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Viginia House interveiwed by Houzz Tour

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My good friend and fellow blogger Jillian from The Virginia House was recently interveiwed by Houzz..
Check out this post  ~Making "Normal" Beauitful for Less~.

It is a tour of her home and explains how she decorated the different rooms.  In the master bedroom on the bed is a pillow that I created especially for her.  Her home is beautiful and homey and she creatively decorated it for next to nothing.  I'm sure that you will love it as much as I do.

The Pool House  ~ The Pool House ~   The brick floor she painted herself!

The Dining Room  ~ The Dining Room ~  So simple and cozy.

These are two of my favorite rooms.

Visit her blog for lots of before/after projects and makeovers.

I am so excited for her that she got this interview. 
Congratulations Jillian!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The "Barn" Chicken and Clara Belle at Remnants of the Past

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If you attended the Remnants show in the spring at the "Barn", then some of you might remember this hen that insisted that our space was her favorite nesting place for the day.

Yes it is a real live chicken! 
She caused quite a stir and people would come into the space to take pictures of her.

Well this show is a big one for us, so after we got home from the spring show we started collecting more treasures for the fall show.  Each week we would set aside a special item or two.  A month or so ago we came across a different chicken.  We thought, we have to take her to Remnants!
As we set our booth on Friday we found the perfect nesting place for this "new" chicken.  On Saturday morning a customer walked in and fell in love with her.  She paid for her and came back a little while later to take her to her new home.

Meet "Clara Belle"

There she is nesting up on top of the shelf.

To see her in her new home go here.
Visit the Debra Hall Lifestyle blog.

I think she found a great new home.  What do you think?

What will be in our space next time?

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vendors and their spaces @ Remnants of the Past~Part 2

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This is part two of some of the vendors that were at the Remnants show.
Again I was not able to get everyone's photo, just a few.  I hope you enjoy!

Stephani from Ruby Rose brought her adorable little trailer to the show.

They are a local business in the San Luis Obispo area.

The first day there was a book signing by Brooke and Steve Giannetti from Velvet and Linen.  Their book Patina Style is beautiful.  I am enjoying mine.

The second day another book signing took place by Susan Branch.  The line was clear to the door!

Yes, Cindy from Queen of Tarte was there.

Kymberley from A Beautiful Mess had a large space in the front as you walked in the door.

These ladies were our neighbors, Tina and Karen Chambers were across from us.  Victoria had a space inside.  Marilyn Thompson was right beside us.  They all sell at A Beautiful Mess.

Lulu of Dusty Lu Interiors in front of our space.  A very nice lady and talented photographer.

I love this pic of Judy and her daughter Devon.

Here is one of Judy and I in our space.
We are honored to have been a part of such a talented group of vendors. 
Stay tuned for a few more pics of the show!

We had a great time and look forward to the next one!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vendors and their spaces @ Remnants of the Past~Part 1

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This post is going to be dedicated to some of the vendors that were at the Remnants show.  I did not have a chance to take a pic of everyone, here are just a few.

This Katy and Collette's space of The Rusty Clover.  Two talented ladies from our own Sacramento area.

I thought that the little fire place screen curtains were cute.

Martin, Trinidad, Johan, a very talented team.

My good friend Sandy Bryan from The Olive and Rose.

I love these pillows!

Tim and Lisa from Blue Canoe Reloaded.

Kathee and Charley from Chateau et Jardin.

I took this photo in the Junk Girls space.

We love Kate and her family.

This is the end of Part 1.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed the pics.  It always helps me to put a face to a name.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Vintage Bricoleur @ Remnants of the Past Fall 2011

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We are home now after a whirlwind weekend. 
 The Remnants of the Past show at the Modonna Inn Expo Center was a great time of selling, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, a lot of hard work, good memories and the list goes on.

I have so many photos to share, but I want to start with showing you some from our space.  We had three spaces outside under a big white tent.  We loved the open air market feel.
 On to the pictures.
The truck and trailer are unloaded. Now what do we do with all this stuff!

Our space ready to go.

This is how it looked the second morning.  It is hard to tell, but a lot of stuff is gone.

The pretty handmade soaps that my daughter makes.

The crew, Danny, Terry, Angela, Don, Coralie.
 (Missing Melanie, Don's wife, who worked all day Friday helping us set up.  She was home taking care of three adorable little boys.)

This solar water fountain was a hit.  The little cabinet sold first thing.

Lots of frames, mirors, antlers, metal and a sheet music wreath.

A farm table set for two.

The letters sold just before opening, to another vendor.

We had a light hanging through our make-shift ceiling.  Wire and lace.

Fun little bottles with initials

Moments before the show opened, the line waiting to get in.  If you have seen a layout of the show, then you will know that it was a LONG line.

Another shot looking through our space.

I think this one is my favorite.

I love a little touch of green.

Make way for Ducklings!

A little French table and chair set, salvage architectural and old windows.

These letters were fun.  I also love those boxes full of old Pharmacy papers.

Awesome French doors, sound pieces from a pipe organ, and a beautiful mirror that went home with
We want to say thanks to Judy and her family for putting on such an incredible show.

These are just some of my favorite pics of our space.  Be watching for more about the show.

Thanks for looking!
Terry (one of the bricoleurs)