Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Vintage Bricoleur ~ Finished in 25 Days.

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As most of you know, we have opened our own store inside the
 fruit sheds in Loomis, CA.

This whole process has been very fast. 
 For over a year now, my husband and I have been looking for the perfect place for us.  It was important for us to be close to home, but also be in a place that had good traffic.  After checking out a few places in Loomis, we thought, "What about High Hand?"  We walked inside and I fell in love.  The sheds are 110 years old and full of character.  There were already a few other businesses inside the sheds and we felt that we could be an asset by adding a Vintage Home Design and Antiques shop.  After a few visits with the owner of the sheds we came to an agreement. 

He would give up a portion of a room where he stored and sold pots, for us to build our store.  This all took place the second week in October.
After drawing up plans and submitting them to the County,
we waited,
and waited.
Finally, we got the go ahead and on November 5th, we started the building.

The whole family was involved and we even had some very appreciated help from a friend visiting from Canada.
 Framed, sheeted, windows installed and trimmed, overhang framed.
Insulation and drywall.

Beautiful wood ceiling, electrical and fire sprinklers.

Siding, and paint.

Tape and mud.

Paint samples. Can you see the difference?  We chose FROST.

Again, lots of help from friends and family.

The painting took place on Thanksgiving morning.  Just one week before opening.

Another helper. 
(There was also lots of help behind the scenes in the way of meals, babysitting, encouraging visits, etc.)

Black Friday evening. 
Baseboard and trim, and a coat of Poly on the floor.  The kids are cleaning the cracks.  The next morning the trim was painted

And here is the start of our first window display on Sunday the 27th!
Wow, what a month!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we moved in and on Thursday December 1st, we had our soft opening.
Friday was our Grand Opening Party, and as you know it was a great success. 
Thank you again for your support.

Once again, the finished product.

One window display.

And the other.

So... now that you know how it all came to be, come by and pay us a visit.  We love visiters and the shop is full of treasures waiting for you.

The Vintage Bricoleur
3750 Taylor Road
Loomis, Ca 95650

Coming soon Grand Opening pics.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)