Thursday, June 27, 2013

Using Vintage for a Summer Party

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My house is full of vintage and antique treasures.
  I love the character, patina, history and sturdiness that they offer.
I use it too. At parties, gatherings, BBQ's etc.

(The color on these first photos is not my favorite, but you will get the idea.)
Last month when my son was graduating from 8th grade we had a little party after the ceremony at our house. Lemonade and homemade icecream sandwiches.

A big square vintage jar full of lemonade ready to go into Ball jars sitting on an enamel tray.

An old wood drawer full of chocolate chip cookies made into icecream sandwiches wrapped in wax paper and tied with red & white French twine.

Large Ball Jars worked perfect as vase for three simple bouquets.

The graduate.  
We draped an antique French tea towel over the counter to make it look a little more festive.

So there you go.  A few ideas of how to use vintage in a simple little Summer Party.
BTW- The lemonade and icecream sandwiches were delicious!

A few more vintage Summer ideas....
Set out a picnic on a sawhorse table, use a vintage table cloth, a basket to hold box lunches and a vintage ice bucket.

For a fiesta use white ironstone bowls full of chips, salsa and quacamole.

How about a simple company breakfast with a resturant ware mug of coffee, and an ironstone plate of mini muffins and fresh picked blackberries.

A vintage egg basket is just the thing to hold fresh veggies for a salad that you will be making for a summer BBQ.

My parents own an apple orchard, so "Apple" parties are something we look forward to every year.  Here is a primitive farmtable, antique French towel, and basket to hold the apples.

An ironstone bowl holds the cinnimon/sugar mix and the green pottery bowl is just the right size to hold enough apples for a pie.

This stack of ironstone plates are ready to be filled as people go through the buffet line at a summer picnic. The vintage pitchers work great for sauces.

How about a morning tea party in the garden using a vintage tea set.  
A vintage round mirror was used as a tray.

Keep your baked goods away from critters in a pie safe.

And after you have fed your guest, don't forget to have something for them to lounge and relax on, such as this cute folding bed draped with lace and a few ticking pillows.

Many of the items in these photos are from my own collections.  Some of them are items we have for purchase.  Or maybe something very similar.  Look for them in our store.
3750 Taylor Road
Loomis, Ca. 95650
Inside the High Hand  fruit sheds.

My point is that I love the vintage items best.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)