Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Small Mantle Finished in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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This is the story of a Small Mantle.
A few months back as I was planning what I wanted for our Winter displays, I asked for a small mantle.  Something that looked vintage.  It just seemed that we needed one to complete the space in the store.  The other bricoleur assured me that it would be no problem to create one.  Well time went by and other custom orders were being completed and I still did not have the mantle.  By this time the first day of the celebration was approaching very fast. (like in two days)  He told me that he had started it but I did not see how it could be done in time.  So I started to think up a new display idea.

Well to make a long story short, The evening before the celebration, after we had been at the store for over 12 hours, we went home and finished it!  It really didn't take too long.  I sat on a stool while the other bricoleur worked away.  It took me back to the days when we were first married and we would stay up late in the garage building and creating things.

After it was built we took it inside to paint. (yes inside)  We laid out a tarp and painted away with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Old White. (The paint is very low VOC.) Now, this is another reason why I love this paint.  We did NOT sand or prime this piece.  We were also working with different wood surfaces.  Some had already been painted, some was raw and some stained.  It took only a few minutes to cover it.

  The next morning, we distressed it with some sandpaper and then gave it a coat of Clear Wax.  After a good buffing it was ready to go! 
We moved it into the space planned for it and opened the store doors about 30 minutes later!!!

So the piont of my story is, for one:
 I am married to a very capable and talented bricoleur. :)  He was sure of himself in knowing that it would not take too long to complete.  It turned out exactly how I had asked for it to be.
and two:
once again the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was awesome!  By using it, it allowed us to complete a project very fast with beautiful results.

if YOU have a project that needs to be built, a custom order, a cabinet, shelf, farm table or mantle ;), contact us.  Danny (the other bricoleur) is very talented in creating just what you want.  Many times he uses reclaimed lumber, or wood that has been salvalged from an old barn.
we sell the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint here in our store.  We carry paint, waxes, brushes, books, and offer classes.
Next Class, January 15,
Beginning 11-1:30
Intermediate 2-4.
3750 Taylor Road
Loomis, Ca 95650
Inside the High Hand fruit sheds.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)