Thursday, March 28, 2013

Using Emperor's Silk~Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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Anytime I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and post about it, the interest in it is amazing!  We LOVE this paint and it has truly changed our business.  We have been selling it for a year now.  
The time that it takes to complete a piece is SO much faster than with any other paint we have ever used and with BETTER results.

Hmm... What color?

 Here are a few photos of using Emperor's Silk over an OK oak piece. A mini tutorial.

1.  Wipe your piece down to clean it.  NO SANDING OR PRIMING NEEDED.  
2.  Brush on paint.  One coat is usual enough especially if you are using a good Annie Sloan brush.

The paint has very low VOC's (no odor) so it is safe to paint inside.  It will be dry in an hour or less.

3.  Distress with a sanding block or piece of sandpaper along the edges or anywhere that you want to highlight the craftsmanship of the piece.

4.  Apply Clear Wax next using a wax brush. Gently set your brush in the wax to pick up a little on your brush.  Scrape on edge of can to evenly coat the head of the brush.   Start rubbing your brush over the paint.  Push it in.  The paint is very porous, so the wax will fill in to create one solid surface. Work in sections until you have covered the whole piece.  (a couple of very light coats are better than one heavy coat.)

*At this point you need to choose if you are going to add Dark Wax over the top of the Clear to richen your color and give the piece more patina.  If decide you like the way to looks:

5. Buff your piece with a buff brush or soft clean rag.

You are done!

If you choose to add the Dark Wax:

6.  Apply Dark Wax  OVER the Clear Wax.  Again, set your brush in the wax to pick up a little on your brush.  Scrape on edge of can to evenly coat the head of the brush.  Start rubbing your brush over the Clear Wax. If you like how dark it looks, leave it.  If it is a bit too dark, take a rag and wipe off some till you have the look you want.

7.  Buff your piece with a buff brush or soft clean rag.

Finished except for hardware.

And so simple and fast. (That is why there is a lack of photos, it's hard to stop to take them.) 

This is a very popular color.  So rich and the perfect red!

Any Questions?

We offer a paint class once a month.
Next class:
April 16, 11 - 1:30
2 - 4:30
Call to reserve your seat (916)663-4663

3750 Taylor Road 
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Inside the High Hand  fruit sheds.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)

Friday, March 22, 2013

What has The Vintage Bricoleur been up too?

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Oh My!
It has been sooo long. Over a month, and I'm sorry.
Actually, you might not even care or have noticed that I've been quiet.
For my customers who stalk  I mean follow me, I know they like to see what is new around here.
So, Here we go.

Back in the beginning of February I was doing some picking for the store and the upcoming shows and found this little half table.  Guess what?  It's perfect for me and it won't be going to the next show.  I'll share more on that later.

We had another great show at The Sacramento Antique Faire the second Sunday in February.

This cute desk is still available.  
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® - Old Ochre with Clear & Dark Wax.

We celebrated my father-in-law's 70th Birthday. 
 You can barely see is name tag. It says "Daddy".

We painted lots of furniture with our favorite paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. -Antibes with Clear & Dark Wax and a bit of Gilding. 
 Tutorial to come!

We had an awesome show at The Alameda Antique Faire the first Sunday in March.  It had been 6 months since we had been there.  It was good to see many old customers.

The following Sunday we were back at The Sacramento Antique Faire.

The day after that we had out-of-state family here for a week.  What a great time we had.  I had such a blast showing them around and I even got to spend a couple days working in the store with one of my sisters.  Thank you all for coming out to visit.

Needless to say, I have neglected this blog.  I have many photos ready to share. A few tutorials and some before and after shots from our projects.

What is next for The Vintage Bricoleur?

~Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Class - April 16, at TVB.
~Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show - April 20, in Roseville.
~Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Class - May 21, at TVB.
~Remnants of the Past - June 1&2, in San Luis Obispo.

That takes us to Summer and I can't think past that for now.  In between come visit us at the store.

The Vintage Bricoleur
3750 Taylor Road 
Loomis, Ca 95650
Inside the High Hand fruit sheds.
Remember that we carry the full line of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® products.

One last thing, once again we have been nominated for Best Antiques on the KCRA 3 A-List.  Please take a moment to put in a vote for us.  Thanks!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)