Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rust and Lace

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We have been cleaning up the "save this for something" piles around here.  Among some stuff that we found, there was this old rusty bed.  (It is actually faded red paint, with a little rust.)
I knew I had saved it for something! 

I could just see it on the front porch to lounge on in the summer. 

So we loaded it up and took it to The Alameda Antique Faire this last weekend.  I took these pics there.  It did not go home with anyone. 

 We will take it to Sacramento Antique Faire this Sunday and if no one claims it then, it will find a cozy spot on my front porch. 
I love the combination of the metal, slightly rusty, with the vintage lace.

 It would be so perfect for an afternoon nap, or to lay on, in the evening and feel the cool summer breeze.  (We get a Delta breeze every evening that cools the valley off.)

The legs fold in for easy storing. 
Do you ever wonder what it might have been in a former life?  A hospital bed?  A bed in a Camp cabin?

Can you see it too?
You are welcome to come on over for a nap. :)

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)