Saturday, October 15, 2011

The "Barn" Chicken and Clara Belle at Remnants of the Past

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If you attended the Remnants show in the spring at the "Barn", then some of you might remember this hen that insisted that our space was her favorite nesting place for the day.

Yes it is a real live chicken! 
She caused quite a stir and people would come into the space to take pictures of her.

Well this show is a big one for us, so after we got home from the spring show we started collecting more treasures for the fall show.  Each week we would set aside a special item or two.  A month or so ago we came across a different chicken.  We thought, we have to take her to Remnants!
As we set our booth on Friday we found the perfect nesting place for this "new" chicken.  On Saturday morning a customer walked in and fell in love with her.  She paid for her and came back a little while later to take her to her new home.

Meet "Clara Belle"

There she is nesting up on top of the shelf.

To see her in her new home go here.
Visit the Debra Hall Lifestyle blog.

I think she found a great new home.  What do you think?

What will be in our space next time?

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)