Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Vintage Harvest, It Was A Success!

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Well the show is over.
Our first vintage/antique show, A Vintage Harvest was a great day.

  It was a success.  

We had a huge crowd of happy shoppers, 

the garden was beautiful, 

the food was delicious,

 and the vendors outdid themselves with merchandising their spaces. 

Here a just a few photos of the day.

 **Most of all we are indebted to our family and friends for helping us pull this off smoothly.**

Don and Melanie thanks for running The Vintage Bricoleur space and the donut run.

 Mom and Dad Bustos thanks for helping out with loading and unloading, and for a home-cooked dinner the night before the show and lunch on set-up day. 

 Sam and Ashley thanks for running the Porter Station so smoothly and helping with loading vendors.  

Thanks Jim for working so hard all day loading up customers and vendors, and for the delicious homemade dinner after a long show day.

Angela, Trevor, Arica and Coralie, thank you for shuttling people around on the golf cart, getting lunches for vendors, for entertining the little ones who were at the show at different times and for loading vendors up.  We couldn't do it without you kiddos, our Jr. Bricoleurs.

Thank you Mom Sjotvedt and Linda for running a vendors' space who got sick at the last moment.

Thank you to our store dealer Shelley, and her daughter for working at The Vintage Bricoleur on set-up day and show day.

And Betty thank you for the wonderful surprise coming all the way from Texas to show some sisterly support. (and the coffee run)

I could go on all day..... 
there were many more people involved.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

To see more PHOTOS, go to our Facebook page.

Come visit our store:
The Vintage Bricoleur 
3750 Taylor Road Loomis, Ca. 95650
Inside the High Hand  fruit sheds.

Stay tuned for the next show date!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)