Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Report of Antiques in the Garden by Frolic

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The Antiques in the Garden show hosted by Frolic was quite lovely.
Our space.
This show was held in the beautiful yard of Suzanne of Frolic.
Some of you might remember the chicken in my space at Remnants of the Past, well this time I had a mole.
My daughter Angela & I.
My sister-in -law Laura sold with us.
The two young helpers Rebecca & Angela.  They both were such a big help.
And now for some pictures from different spaces.  A beautiful long linen gown with a crocheted top.
Sweet little dress form.
Vintage icecream maker.
A rolling metal cabinet in Dolores & Holly's space of Gathering in Willows.
The whole day was a lot of this.

I will be posting about the lovely ladies of Frolic and thier cute shop soon.  Stay tuned!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)