Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Mantle

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Every once in a while you need a change.
Something with a little more color is what I was looking for.
These are all things that are available to my customers, and it is fun to practice merchandising at home.

The wreath had to stay.  My girls insisted.  I love it too.  Ironstone, one of my favorites, candlestick holder made from old lamp parts, vintage bayonet, and clay pots with greenery, dressed up with printed linen labels.
You can do so much with vintage books.
The new look.  I like the color for these cold winter days.

Now that wasn't so bad,  Maybe I'll just change it b...  No they are both nice, sometimes you just need a change.

I am linking this to Miss Mustard Seed's Copy Me Challenge.  Marian never ceases to amaze me.
T (one of the bricoleurs)

Random Bits

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One of the fun things we sell are wonderful necklaces made by my oldest daughter. 

 She takes what she calls "Random Bits" and puts them all together and makes something original, one of a kind and beautiful. 

She has quite the eye, and often you will find her and her Daddy taking apart old machines that no longer work to find her "Bits".
Minature pulley.  How cute is that?

A gear, old key, I love those numbers, and a few jewels for sparkle.
It always looks different, depending on how it's hanging.
And the best part?  It's mine.  She made it special for me, I picked out the "Bits".

I am linking this to Donna's Copy Me Challenge at Funky Junk Interiors.  I don't know if she wears jewelry, but if she does, I bet it would look something like this.

T (one of the bricoleurs)