Friday, April 13, 2012

My trip to the Atelier de Campagne Container Sale

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Last weekend I took a little road trip down to the Santa Cruz area for the spring
 container sale.
Not only is the countryside beautiful but I was not disappointed with the wonderful displays and unique French items from overseas.

Wooden spools with pretty thread in many different colors.

Stacks of metal olive baskets.

Succulents everywhere!

This outdoor room was beautiful!

Urns reflected in a large mirror.

 Settee covered in linen pillows.

I love apple tree blossoms.

Look at all the statuary!

I could use several of these on my front porch.

I love how this piece framed the peonies.

So pretty.....

Delicious strawberries for a snack at the end of our shopping experience. 
 We were warmly recieved, I highly reccommend this sale.  It happens twice a year.  You can also find Atelier de Campagne at Antique shows up and down California.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)