Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Other Businesses at High Hand

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The whole High Hand property has become quite a destination place. 

To start with there is an amazing place to eat. 
 They call it the Conservatory.

The Nursery comes next.
You will not be disapointed with the selection or the beautiful displays.

Walk up steps into the sheds and you will find a wonderful
Flower Market.

Continue down the walkway where pots of many shapes, sizes and colors are availble for purchase.

At this point if you look to your left, our shop
is up against the back wall.

Go several more yards to the
Look at all the pretty colors!

Up a short little ramp is
Fiber arts is their specialty.

On your right will be the wine tasting rooms
Popie ~ Cristaldi ~ Ciotti
Currently open Fri. - Sat.
12 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Straight ahead is the
featuring 30 local artist.

In the back left hand corner is the

They offer classes on how to make your own candles besides lots of inventory to purchase.
(Their store has since been painted and they will be opening around the same time as us.)

So there you have it.  Come prepared to stay a few hours as there are lots of things to do!

Don't forget!
Grand Opening Party for
The Vintage Bricoleur
Dec. 2, 4-6 p.m.
3750 Taylor Road
Loomis, Ca.

You are invited.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)