Monday, February 6, 2012

Memories of a fun day Junkin' with Friends

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The other day a group of us got together for a day of Junkin' in
Sutter Creek and Jackson.  I was with
 and Zelder Antiques.

We started our time at
 and Trish Everett.

It was so fun to all be together and to chat.  Some had never met face-to-face before and so there was lots of visiting, getting to know each other better.

Maria & Sandy

Trish & Zizi

Aimee treated us to this.

This made the day fun.

Maria, Melanie, Jacque, Zizi, Trish, Aimee, Sandy.

Melanie & I.

Beautiful display at Aimee's.

Mini Fairy Garden.

This antique plant stand was great.

The day was full of learning from each other. 
Thanks Maria.

From Sutter Creek we headed over to Jackson and hit a couple of fun places.  The car was beginning to fill up with treasures.  We stopped and had a late lunch.  After a few more stores we loaded everything up.
  It barely fit, but no one complained because it is fun to come home packed to the gills with great finds.

Don't ask.... :).

So, Thank You girls.  I had a fun day with you all.  Let's do it agian!

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)