Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vintage Sheet Music for Decorating

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I love music.
  I love to listen to it.  I love to sing it.  I try to play it.  And I love to look at it.
I think that it is very pretty. 
 So, I decorate with it.

A wreath right in the center of a winter mantle.

Garlands draped through a pretty table.

I even like it with a summer mantle.

Different aged peices put together to make a beautiful look.

It's very pretty with ironstone.

Or with a chandelier and French chair.

Here it softens the tin backdrop and looks great with a bunch of chippy frames.

I even wrap soap in it.

These garlands looked awesome displayed in big glass vases.

They also look great just hung up, or wrapped around something.

I have a few other ideas I am working on.  I will share them when I finish them up.

What about you, Do you decorate with Vintage sheet music?


Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Sara said...

Can you please show us how to make the garlands in pictures #2 and #10! I lOvE them !!!

primjillie said...

I love the look of olde sheet music. I recently bought a stitchery pattern that uses it as embelishment. Where can you buy it?

the vintage bricoleur said...

In answer to a few comments about this post; I find sheet music at tag sales, estate sales, thrift stores and such. Since my family and friends know that I like it, they often will bring me some. Also, I try only use booklets that are dammaged and no longer easy for the singer or player to use. The round looking garlands are pieces that have been cut out into circles, (lots of them). Stack up three and sew through them and repeat till you have the length that you want. When you are done sewing, fold the crcles out. For the ruffled garland cut a small music page in half. Sew through it wrinkling it as you sew, push and ruffle it as you sew. Repeat this till you have the length you want. I hope this helps. Terry

Jane of All Trades said...

Cute, I love the music accents. By the way, the link in your contact us tab is not working for me. Since I had your regular email, I just sent you one direct but others may want to contact you. Just a little FYI for ya. Have a great week!

Vintage Country Girl said...

I DO decorate with sheet music. I have a wreath like that that I made last year. It hangs in my dining room all year long. I had a post a couple days ago about how I cut strips of an old book and stuffed them into clear ornaments. I love the look!

Debra Hall said...

Love the wreaths...bought a few for myself last holiday season! LOve your posts girllie!!;)