Monday, May 2, 2011

Talented People

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One of my favorite things about this business is getting to meet some talented people.  Here are some from the Remnants of the Past show this last weekend.
Here we have Michelle and Lisa from Urban Farmhouse.  Check out their blog here.  We had the privilege to sell across the aisle from them.

Here are some beautiful things in the Atelier De Campagne space.
This is a shot of Blue Canoe Reloaded.  Tim and Lisa's space always looks amazing.

  Polly and Jenny are a mother daughter team who are very creative and  don't let anything go to waste , they even make their own bags out of old paper sacks!

Kate and her sons Peter and Andrew are a great family team.  We always enjoy visiting with them at the different shows.  We got to sit with them at the dinner for the vendors the night before the show.
Kymberley and her husband with their three daughters and her mother.  They were all so nice and her space was just as beautiful as her store.
I got to meet Maria and three of her sweet children of Dreamy Whites.  She has a beautiful blog with an online shop.
Dustin and his girlfriend Lauren along with his parents Kathee and Charley of Chateau et Jardin came and sold.  It was good to see them again.
Katy  (on the right) was there.  It was good to see someone from our neck of the woods.  Her space was amazing.
There were so many more, but I was not able to get around to everyone. 
Terry (one of the bricoleurs) 

The biggest Remnants of the Past ever

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We got back late last night from our trip to the coast to do the Remnants of the Past show.  There are reports that it was the biggest ever.
This is the day before, a field full of big trucks and trailers bringing in wonderful treasures.
Beautiful hills and orchards.

A huge barn full of vendors.  More were set up on three sides of the barn.
Our space from one side ready to go.  (An early shopper/fellow vendor.)
The other side.  I love the hills in the background.

The main line to get in Saturday morning.
Another line.
Happy and tired after the busiest and most successful show day we have ever had.  We are very grateful.
I will follow up with more posts about the show in the next few days.
Terry ( one of the bricoleurs)