Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Featured Dealer

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The first Sunday of every month (rain or shine) you can find us at the Alameda Point Antique Show.  We are on aisle P spaces 7&8.

~A rain day~

Early in the morning, trying to keep everything dry.

We have the privilege to sell with our good friends D&M.  We have a huge trailer that the guys load up, half with our treasures and half with theirs.  We leave town at @ 2 a.m. (yes you read that right) and head down to the Bay area.  We start setting up about 4 a.m. and at 6 a.m. the gates open to the public.  They have had as many as 12,000 people come thru in one day!  That gives us an excellent chance to sell our merchandise.

~Here are some examples of our wares~
~Lots of interesting items~

~Metal lockers and suitcases~

~Wicker chairs and garden pieces~

  If you ever get the chance, it is a great place to find that missing piece to your collection.  This Antique Faire is good for finding pieces to furnish a home and or decorate.

~Just about anything you can imagine~

~The space of some wonderful people~

~For about as far as you can see, wonderful treasures~

~These next few pics are close-ups of great displays~

~I love this, glass floats in a wire basket~

~Lots of metal!~

~Big tin flowers~

This month we are the featured dealer on the Alameda website.  To see more, click  here.

~The end of a long day.  The city in the distance.~

Now that I have given you a little peak, go see for yourself! Next show 2/6/11
T (one of the bricoleurs)


Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love those glass floats in the basket! It looks like a wonderful sale. Congrats on your new blog. Have fun with it!

Helen said...

What a honor! Out of literaly hundreds!

I will be sure to look you up on the next show! Did you say Feb 6?

Anonymous said...

Do you think I can come at this late notice? We do not have anything out here like this, let I'm aware of. I LOVE your stuff.

PCovi said...

I spy the triple oval photos in a frame...nice!
I love California...one day I'd love to go flea marketing there. (stuff is cheaper in Ky. though, I think...I'd love to be a picker for somebody)