Sunday, February 19, 2012

What a difference!

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I love learning new ways to make this blog better.  One thing that I would like to learn more about is the photography side of things.  I don't like things to be complicated and to take a lot of time.  Therefore when I take pics for this blog I usually don't edit them.  I just do the best I can, and go for it.
I have not been competly satisfied with some of the shots I have taken in the store since we opened.  The space does not have a lot of natural light and so some turn out looking yellow.  I thought well, I guess I will just have to learn how to edit. (which to me means "time" and I don't have tons of extra "time").
 I was visiting with Maria from Dreamy Whites, and she gave me a few tips.  I can really see the difference and the pics look sooo much better. 
You tell me what you think...


Looks better, huh.


You can see the individual colors so much better!

Even this,
The blue of the cabinet is more true to life in the second pic.

Much better.

I have had fun taking more pics in the last week or two. 
 What do you think, do you see a difference?

Thanks Maria!
Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


summersoul said...

Wow! Big difference. I am struggling with my very poor photo skills as well. I need Maria's help :) Have a great weekend.


The Green Mum said...

Looks AWESOME!!!!! Good photos make all the difference in the World! LOVE the mailboxes!!!! Blessings my friend!

Linda said...

Looks great! Definitely better looking pics. What a fun thing to learn. I love seeing all the things you're doing and learning! Such a talented lady!

H Hadley said...

great job! i love your blog and your store!!!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Wow , Thanks for info- i never edit either & many of mine come out a differ. shade than item as well. You have motivated me to go give it a try..
Looks Beautiful.. Cant way for more pictures...Karryann

Jen said...

What a difference! Was this through editing, or did you change the lighting?

Jane of All Trades said...

Looks good, Terry. Editing does take more time but is so worth it to get the right look. Looking forward to seeing more pics. ;)

AnnaKaye87 said...

Thanks for showing me how to do this with my camera while we were at Old Town Pizza last week! :-) I have had fun using that seeting now!

AnnaKaye87 said...
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VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi there...your shop looks great!
Photos look better without using the flash and if you don't have good light, take them in the evening. For editing try using PICASA by Google, it's free and really easy to use. I am sure Marie told you most of it but thought I would pass it on.