Monday, May 2, 2011

Talented People

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One of my favorite things about this business is getting to meet some talented people.  Here are some from the Remnants of the Past show this last weekend.
Here we have Michelle and Lisa from Urban Farmhouse.  Check out their blog here.  We had the privilege to sell across the aisle from them.

Here are some beautiful things in the Atelier De Campagne space.
This is a shot of Blue Canoe Reloaded.  Tim and Lisa's space always looks amazing.

  Polly and Jenny are a mother daughter team who are very creative and  don't let anything go to waste , they even make their own bags out of old paper sacks!

Kate and her sons Peter and Andrew are a great family team.  We always enjoy visiting with them at the different shows.  We got to sit with them at the dinner for the vendors the night before the show.
Kymberley and her husband with their three daughters and her mother.  They were all so nice and her space was just as beautiful as her store.
I got to meet Maria and three of her sweet children of Dreamy Whites.  She has a beautiful blog with an online shop.
Dustin and his girlfriend Lauren along with his parents Kathee and Charley of Chateau et Jardin came and sold.  It was good to see them again.
Katy  (on the right) was there.  It was good to see someone from our neck of the woods.  Her space was amazing.
There were so many more, but I was not able to get around to everyone. 
Terry (one of the bricoleurs) 


Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

It was so lovely to meet you (even if it was a quick one!). There were so many people at the show this was sort of organized chaos :) Your booth was gorgeous - with the chicken and all!! I adore all of my purchases and look forward to getting in touch with you about the music wreaths....

atelier de campagne said...

Hi Guys, It was great seeing you there. We are so excited about our purchases from you also. Johan has already set up that beautiful country chandelier I got from you. I want to send you a photo later but you can also see it in a future posting on my blog. I may want another one.

Cheers! Trinidad

kathee said...

OMG Terri!! Yay your blog is working and your new post comes up on my blog!! Thank you for such a beautiful post today!! You are good girl...I wish I could have taken as many beautiful photos of the show as you did. Dustin and Lauren are going to love this pic of them! Where was I?? It was an amazing day for all of us..I'm so glad you came this year!! :) Love your booth and all your treasures!!!!! Talk to you soon,xoxoxxokathee

Barbara Jean said...

lovely post. have visited some of the links but the blue canoe site did not link up.
Can you email it to me? looks like a lace I'd like.

Barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

just typed it in and found it. thanks

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You were so busy at the Remnants of the Past sale that I didn't want to bother you. You had a great display and I could tell you were doing very well. It was packed this year.
I have become a follower but have lost my little icon so it comes up as a generic silhouette.
Hope to see you at a sale soon and come say hello to you.

All Things Beautiful... said...

Hey Guys!
thanks so much for including us in your post! and well done you, getting all those photos...I was happy just getting around to see each of the vendors before the whole show started...whew!!! SO SO happy you guys were there! By the way, I have a picture to show you of Andrew when he was your nephew's age...maybe next Alameda!