Wednesday, November 9, 2011

High Hand ~ Our New Shop Location

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                     The location for our new shop is at the High Hand fruit sheds in Loomis.                                  

                                 High Hand is located in Loomis at the historical fruit sheds.
There is a
Conservatory and Cafe
Flower Market.
The old packing sheds are huge and inside are several shops.  Ours will be one of them.  Here are a few pics to let you know what it looks like.

The Cafe

High Hand

An awesome vintage truck used as a planter.

The Nursery

Everywhere you look, it is so beautiful.

"The measure of a garden is the degree to which it grabs you and haunts you after you've visited it."

The Conservatory has a delicious menu.

Inside dining.

Outdoor dining.

The walkway inside the sheds, lined with beautiful pots.

Looking back the other direction.

Now facing the space where our shop will be. 
The pots will be rearranged to create a walkway up to the door.

I will be sharing progress every few days.

Tentative opening date:
December 1, 2011

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Linda said...

Wow Terry! I didn't know all those places were there! Looks like a really great spot for your store!

Lori said...

That old packing shed has changed quite a bit from when we were kids! Can't wait to see your shop sometime.

Jane of All Trades said...

How exciting! Progress! Will be waiting for updates.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hello Terry, So happy to of talkd with ya last weekend.. Can't wait to come see your new place..and just in time for Christmas.
See ya in Dec. Karryann