Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who will take home this little French Bed?

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This is a before and after post.

This sweet little bed came to us like this.

The curvy lines were great but she needed a lot of work.

We pulled out tons of this.

She was also missing a side rail.

Never fear, my handy husband fixed one up to match perfectly!

Cute little legs.

The nasty fabric had to go.

The new side piece ready to be attached.

Here she is with a fresh coat of Antique White paint.

She also needed new strapping.

The strapping all finished, and the paint all distressed.

The full reveal of this makeover will be in my next post.


It is more fun this way.

By the way this little French Bed will be available at 

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

OMG, I'm anxious to see your next about about this fabulous bed!!!


Jane of All Trades said...

Cute bed. D did a great job fixing it up. Looking forward to seeing the full reveal.

Nancy said...

Wonderful transformation piccies. I love the one showing the cute little legs. xo, Nancy