Monday, September 19, 2011

Trying Something New..........

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 I want to try something new.
For the next couple of weeks, up until Remnants of the Past, most of my post will be featuring the items that we will have available for sale there.  It will be kind of Miss Mustard Seed style.  Except that my photos will not look as pretty.

In a past post, wondering How Do You All Get So Many Comments, some suggested that I show more pics of what we sell. I feel like I do show you what we sell, but this will be different.  I will be showing you what is GOING to be available.  This takes a little more planning for me because things move so fast around here.  But here goes...
                                                Old Jars
Homemade Soap
More Jars

Little Tin Stars

More pics to come.  I am waiting for them to upload.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Melissa said...

I love old jars! Especially those blue ones. I have to admit, one of the things I do love about MMS is that she shows things that are going to be for sale, it is so fun to me to see what everyone else is working on and finding. Gives me ideas for my own house! I'll be looking forward to seeing your stock! Especially after I saw a picture of your trailer loaded down in Texas, I know you got some good stuff!

Sassy Marsha said...

Ohhh, love it, especially those tin stars, but I won't be going to Remmants as I have other plans that weekend :( I'll have to go up to Antique Trove one of these days and check out your spot!

As for comments, well, I've been blogging for close to 4 years now and I've noticed a considerable drop in comments. Some people are having problems leaving comments, a blogger hiccup.

Also, in like one has to also leave comments and become a follower of other blogs creating a relationship so to speak. It takes TIME, a lot of it!!

I have over 1,200 readers and I get a handful of comments. Most people just read. Sometimes I wonder if I want to continue blogging but I love to share where I've been or what I'm creating . . .

AND then there's Facebook. If people follow someone on FB and that person also blogs, it's sort of a duplicate and easy to just "like" on FB.

Me, personally, I prefer blogging (and then Twitter) but it seems the latest "trend" is facebooking.

Can't wait to see more of what you're taking with you to Remmants!


Anonymous said...

The handmade soap looks lovely! Have a great week! Xoxoxo

Jane of All Trades said...

Looks like you are going to have a lot of neat stuff. I, too, like seeing what you have found and are selling. Good luck with your upcoming sales events. Hope you sell it all!

Lisa D. said...

I am looking for:

* Old soap dishes (wall mount)
* Jadeite or Green Opalescent dishes

If you have/will have any of these, I would love to buy some!

kathee said...

Hi Terry, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment...I can't wait for ROTP it's going to be fun!! xok