Thursday, August 25, 2011

Treasure Island Flea

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I try to keep you informed about the shows we do.
This Saturday, August 27th, we will be selling at

Similar items to these pics will be available.

We always have an interesting assortment of fun items to complete little vignettes, plus dressers, cabinets and tables.  Every once in a while a chair or two is available.  It all depends on what we have come across in the week or two before the show.  This last month, we brought a truck and trailer home with us packed full of treasures from our month long trip to Texas & Colorado.  Since we have been home there has been no shortage of inventory.  From one place alone, we filled up 4, yes 4, truck and trailer loads.  We are busy trying to get it all ready for you, our customer.
Stop by to see what we found!

Please pay special attention to the show date
August 27th.
Treasure Island Flea


kathee said...

Hey girlfriend! I miss you guys! Will you be at The Three Speckled Hens this October? Looks like you have some amazing finds!!! I also wanted to say I love your new blog look...xoxokathee

1 Funky Woman said...

Sounds like this will be another great show! My sister lives in San Mateo and works in San Francisco and I'm always so jealous of all the flea markets she has around her. We have a fair amount in Iowa but I still think yours wins. I hope to get to the Alameda Antique Fair one day!

Last summer I was fortunate to spend two weeks in CA and even met up with Terri from La Dolfina. What an amazing person. Oh and her shop opens today, how exciting!


AnnaKaye87 said...

have fun tomorrow! Wish I could be there!