Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Vacation ~ No Alameda

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Yep, We are on vacation. 
 Therefore, we will miss this Alameda, Sunday August 7th.
We will be home in time for The Sacramento Antique Faire, August 14th.
Here are a few pics from last Alameda. (July)


Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Helen said...

I was really hoping to see pictures of coming attractions... Four grandparents are willing to pay the ransom for the grandkids you kidnapped. Please bring them home safely -- along with the other loot you have collected along the way. I have info for a show in San Juan Baustista if you are interested.

Sharon Wengel said...

I love those locker baskets , how much are you charging for them ?

A Vintage Green said...

I started reading your latest post and worked backwards. WOW. Good finds. I am going to follow your blog and put your link under by Booths and Fleas.
- Joy