Monday, April 4, 2011

The Other Bricoleurs

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If you follow this blog, you will notice that I always close by saying
Terry (one of the bricoleurs).  There is a reason for that,  I am one of four.  Plus there are some junior bricoleurs, but that will be a different post.

First I will introduce Melanie.  She is quiet, working behind the scenes.  She is very talented at creating beautiful vignettes (like my mantle, the pic for the blog header).  Her knowledge about antiques and her opinion we value very highly.  Most of the time you will not see her at a show as she usually stays home to take care of three active little boys.

Next is Don.  Don and Melanie have been in the antiquing business for about 15 years.  Don has a talent for finding unusual treasures and is excellent at merchandising their items for sale. 

Danny is next.  He is very handy with his hands and is excellent at fixing any of the items that need some TLC.  His specialty is woodworking.  He drives the big truck and trailer to and from the shows.

I'll be last.  I enjoy looking for treasures and setting up the space to make it look pretty.

It takes lots of hard work from lots of people to make this work.  We as couples have been friends for years and it is fun to be able to work together.

Terry (one of the bricoleurs)


Helen said...

We are looking forward to meeting the junior bricoleurs. They will probably (like most things in life) exceed your expectations in their passions for collecting and repurposing.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Terry , Love your blog, and design.. Just Excusite. We met at Alameda- I mentiond im from Folsom. You do have a great eye..
Nice meeting you, im sure we'll cross paths again.

Judy said...

Hi Terry,

I don't know if you remember me from Alameda but I give the show Remnants of the Past. I just had a cancellation and I would love to have to participate. Email me your phone number and we can talk.