Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beach Bathroom

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Here is  peek of the downstairs bathroom.

Sea shells are so easy to decorate with.
This sea glass was my inspiration for the theme and colors.
All Clean!
Vintage beveled mirror reflecting bath towels.
A little storage area for towels.

Do you have things that inspire you to do a certain theme?

T (one of the bricoleurs)


Helen said...

You are so talented with colors. Perhaps you can help me pick out some beach colors for a quilt I want to make. Let me know when you will be available.

mjandi said...

Hi there! I just yesterday came across your mom's blog and was excited tonight when B told me you started your own. I came right home and looked it up. So interesting! Looking forward to more post.

Alisha said...

I love your blog! And last night Lori gave me the necklace from you guys. Thanks Angela, I think it is awesome! Keep up the good work, and happy blogging! (I am a follower now:)